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Time to Tryout!

This is the time of year when local schools are getting ready to teach archery to their students and have tryouts for their clubs. It's an exciting time but also stressful because so many students are trying out for so few spots in their club.

I try to encourage all of the kids to do their best and just know that if they love shooting a bow it doesn't have to be just in school. I try to educate everyone that there is a world of archery all around us. You can shoot for fun or competitively.

This week I have had the joy of teaching archery to so many new young people. I love their enthusiasm. I love that they listen to me and trust that I am trying to help them. It's a really fun time for me to see them come into the sport and if they make it into their club they will grow in so many ways emotionally and physically. I see kids hold themselves with confidence, and are focused.

So to all my little archers practice! You are going to do great! Be a Wild Child. Be Brave!

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