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2019 Brings Archery into Focus

As we all get registered for different shoots this year. For myself I am currently registered for SC State Vegas, The Lancaster Classic and The Vegas Shoot plus I'm working on my 3D3D equipment. We begin to really start to focus on our form, our equipment, where do we see ourselves placing at these events. I listen to archers around me as they get ready to go to competition. I hear a lot of negative talk. I usually speak up and tell them that if they can predict a bad outcome in competition they can certainly predict a great outcome. I don't ever remember going to compete and saying "I will do terrible". It doesn't make any sense to do that. Why even go? If you KNOW you are going to fail then why even try? I understand having some doubts in your ability but you have to know these kinds of words will hold you back. Let them go. Try to speak like you would to a friend and watch how high you can fly!

Much love, Coach Beth

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