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2023 Archery Season has Begun!

We are off to an exciting year. Every day i am talking to more and more people who want to try archery. We have families joining the archery club every week and coming out on Sunday afternoons to shoot at the open practice 1 to 3pm.

Jan 21 was the SCAA State Vegas. Across the state over 100 archers participated and many were first time new NFAA members trying out indoor archery. It was exciting to be there coaching quite a few students and having them experience this type of archery competition.

Several club members and a student attended the Lancaster Classic shoot in Lancaster PA. One of the largest archery events in the country. It was held Jan 26-29 and everyone had a great time traveling there and participating.

Im attending The Vegas Shoot in Las Vegas. This is the biggest archery event in the country. Over 4000 archers will descend on the South Point Resort & Hotel Feb 3 - 5, 2023.

Soon we will be doing 3D archery. There are many events planned in the state to attended if you like shooting target animals outdoors. If you want to go to the next level of tournament archery you can go shoot in the ASA or TAC fun tournaments. You can find schedules for the state shoots on the SCAA Archery website.

I know many of you are new to this sport. If you ever want or need help please reach out to me. I'm always happy to share my love for archery!

See you at the range!

Coach Beth

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