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Days of Covid19 in summer 2020

As Days go by

Usually by now I'm knee deep in holding archery camps for kids. Buying watermelons, balloons and stuff to shoot arrows at and designing new games to play. Scheduling lessons in the afternoons, group lessons, etc. But Covid19 happened and on March 15th I decided with the closing of schools and under the guidance of the SC governor and CDC recommendations I went home to stay safe. Safe I am.

I've spent the time working on my own archery form, trained for an outdoor shoot, the state NFAA 900 that Sandune Archery Club hosted at the end of May and worked on some equipment. I have missed my students but throughout the past few months parents have stayed in contact and sent pictures. I love seeing kids outdoors shooting their bows. No stress of competition on them. Just time to enjoy shooting. I'm so proud of those who finished their school year strong.

I know personally I have enjoyed that part of time to shoot my bows during this whole ordeal. Shooting for my own enjoyment has been a blessing. I've also enjoyed taking part in some WAA conferences online to further my knowledge in archery competition and performance. I learned more about compound and recurve bow tuning has been great.

Making the decision to start teaching again has been difficult to decide when and if. Contact to contact has been approved by our state governor but as the number of cases climb I have to now decide what personal risk I want to take for myself and also what risk of liability I am to my students. Children are vulnerable to many things in their young lives and I don't wish to add any risk to their lives and the quality of life into their adulthood. Many of my students have underlying health issues.

So for now my personal decision has been to teach outdoors in a private setting in the mornings. I am practicing social distancing and minimal contact. Personally I am at home with minimum trips to any stores or restaurants. I am not holding any camps this summer. I am reserving the right to just stop at any time based on Safety.

I hope all of you have been staying safe and well during this trying time. I know financially many have suffered and many have had emotional stress from this virus. I just hope you know how much I do miss you and hope that if you want to shoot you will find a place to enjoy shooting your bow. Call me if you need me.

Take care,

Coach Beth

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