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Competition Excitement

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

It's really great having an upcoming competition to get ready to go to. There are plenty to choose from and in all styles of archery tournaments. Knowing we get to travel, maybe miss a little school or work to do something we enjoy and see our friends is exciting. It is also a little nerve wracking. Planning the trip, getting our equipment ready, sometimes the expense, add stress. I think the most stressful part though is we want to go and do well. We want to win! Right?

Well one way I plan to win is I set personal goals. I plan to practice more and with more focus. I plan how I will travel and what shooting flights I pick to compete in are also based on how good I know I can perform at different times during the day. I personally shoot early morning times if available. Some things to think about are making sure you drink enough water. Eating foods that won't upset your stomach is something to consider. I have a shoot day routine that involves stretching, exercises, eating a small breakfast and something I call my fight song. It's a routine that focuses me in on what I am about to go do and that is win.

I hope everyone is getting ready for the 2019 season. Get your game on, set some goals and if you need help you can call me. I'll be at range getting my game on. See you soon!

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