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Archery Season

As the school archery season begins many students are getting ready to try out. They are dusting off their bows and setting their goals for this new year. Some just want to be on teams and shoot for fun. Some are trying to train for possible scholarships for college and to maybe even join some college teams that are around the country. It's an exciting time of year.

Practice becomes more important than ever. Trying to learn how to practice efficiently and by proactively working on parts of your form to improve your game. I like to work from the bottom up so to speak. As I get to each new score goal I revise what I have been doing and review each part of the form. Would a slightly different stance make me even more stable? Checking my grip carefully. Adjusting my equipment and fine tuning the process. It's all that daily work that helps you become the best you can be.

Some of the things I need to work on more are whole body strengthening exercise. Getting enough rest and nutrition and just doing more to become more competitive at the top level. Staying focused on what you want to see happen when you get to competition. For me it's always being the best.

Having some training sessions with a professional coach can also help improve your game. Just having someone with experience watch you and maybe point out some different things you can try can help you achieve your personal best scores and keep moving in a forward direction. I'm always excited to help others do what they only dream of doing. I will help you believe the unbelievable.

It's an exciting time of the year. Some will make the team they want to be on. Some won't and maybe will face the fact they waited a little too late to get some practice in. I hope that everyone has a great year though and makes some new friends. I wish everyone the best and if you need any help you know I am always here cheering you and ready to help you become the best you can be.

Be Brave! Be a Wild Child!

Coach Beth

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