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Archery Friends

A rainy day has me reflecting on my friends. How many people have come into my life over the past 20 years and so many of them influenced me personally to achieve things I never dreamed I would be doing in the sport of Archery. Some of them in my personal life and they all mean the world to me.

I have a few long life friends and although some of them stopped shooting a long time ago we are still connected by other interests. The friendship is still there even though we aren't walking in the woods together.

I miss those days though. You spend a lot of time with people when you shoot in a 3D tournament. You find out who really doesn't like bugs or snakes, you share family stories and watch each other's children grow up over the years. You share an amazing amount of laughter! It's a time away from work and responsibilities where you really get to know each other.

I hope all of you new to this sport will take the time to go to your local club and help out. Shoot in the tournament's with people you don't know and hopefully foster some new friendships that will grow over the years into something way beyond shooting a bow.

See you at the range!

Coach Beth

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