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Tournament Fever

I'm excited! The season has begun. Everyone is preparing to shoot in NASP, NFAA, ASA, Local Club shoots and World Archery. It's just a fun time of year. For many though it causes a lot of anxiety. We put too much pressure on ourselves to shoot high scores and soon we get discouraged, think about quitting and starting thinking negatively. Some things that I do to stay calm and focused are setting smaller goals. Instead of thinking I'll shoot a hundred arrows every day I start thinking about shooting 30 or 40 good arrows a day. I take a day or two off too! Yes! You can take a couple of days and let the muscles rest. I try not to obsess over my score but it's difficult. We want to see those X counts go up. All I can say is by balancing good practice and self care you will be ready for your tournament. Make sure your equipment is in good condition and if you need help come see us at your local archery shop. We are always happy to check over your bow, help you with paper tuning and getting the arrows and equipment you need to be in top shape and ready to compete. Good luck everyone! Shoot em up!!

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