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Summer Archery Camp Fun

Putting together a camp for 12 kids of all ages can be a bit of a challenge but it's amazing how the common denominator of archery brings them all together laughing and working together. I have quite a few games in my camp and am adding new things all the time but the tried and true activities are repeated and for the kids who come to most of my camps they say they don't mind.

It started as an idea and grew to a structured four day event. For two hours we incorporate skills with knowledge but it's all based in fun. I'm hoping they don't know how much they are getting from it and are just absorbed in the fun of it all. The first day is about setting goals and it's amazing how quickly I get comments from them about reaching their small goals they set for that day! The second day is about practice. We must practice in order to reach our goals no matter if they are big or small. The third day is about competition and then the last is sportsmanship. I stress caring for each other and being kind.

Summer camp always evokes memories in people about making friends, having fun and trying new things. I hope that my camps will live on in their minds and that someday they will look back and remember Wild Child Archery camp and say boy that was so much fun! I hope everyone has a wonderful summer and that you get to go out and try something new or go improve in something that you love to do. Happy Summer!

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